Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Wonderful Find For A Vintage Linen Collector!

Many vintage apron collectors have their preferences for style, age, and design of an apron. I am a vintage linen luver, so it is quite difficult for me to say exactly what I prefer!
One apron, which has definitely 'caught my eye', is this very feminine floral apron!
This lovely vintage apron was handmade, and hand sewn, by a 'vintage' quilter, or needlework enthusiast! It was made with TCL, and is so well made...really finished well! It would be appreciated by one and all!

Vintage 1950s Lavender Gingham Floral Print Apron Mint


  1. :) Kind of reminds me of my grandmother, being on the farm, and ALL the cooking she did for gatherings of farmers, special occassions, and just because she was grandmother:)

  2. I luv vintage linens...Oh, the stories they could tell! But this apron was made with skill and love, but never used! :O)