Friday, November 5, 2010

Pink And Floral Decor...Is It Too Overpowering?

Vintage Pink Roses Pitcher And Bowl

Many years a far away land....
That would sound like a good opening for my life history! Or...many 'moons' ago...when I was a young tomboy, playing 'pirates', or 'cowboys and Indians' with the boys...and I always wanted to be the Indian....
In my early years, and even into young adulthood, I detested pink! Maybe that was partially from sharing a pink bedroom with my older sister, and my mother wouldn't change the color! Then with marriage, and sharing a home with my hubby, pink didn't seem like a great color for his bedroom, or livingroom, or all that flowering
'girly' stuff!
But times have changed...and with all of life's stressors, and complications...a soft tone of pink is truly a 'calming' color, for your mood. Adding a few touches of floral will add to the relaxing effect of your decor, and not make the other people in your life feel uncomfortable in a 'girly' room, as my son puts it so eloquently!
You can add other colors to your doesn't all have to be pink, for that country cottage look. And vintage can be 'used' in your everyday life!

Vintage California Pottery Turquoise Snack Server Candy Dish

Your home is your 'castle', and your 'refuge from the outside world', so it needs to be soothing! Many vintage / antique home decor items are even more economical, than purchasing brand new ones, and they have a 'history' for an added appeal!
Go Green...Reuse...Recycle...Restore!